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Android Cheat Sheet

Android Recipes and Snippets

I've put together a small collection of Android recipes. For each of these recipes, this is an instance of Context (more specifically, Activity or Service) unless otherwise noted.


What is Android?

Android - Code to check Location enabled and permission granted

The below code can be used to check that location is granted before calling the location manager.

Android - Get JSON Using HttpUrlConnection

Notice how Android deprecated the Httpclient and HttpGet classes, I have written the below code to retrieve JSON string from any site.

SQL For Beginners Course

Learn SQL for Beginner's course in our London office or your private home and work towards becoming a certified Database Administrator or gaining understanding into Database Concepts.


ASP.NET - Regular Expression code to check Email is Valid

To check if email is valid programmatically and on the server side, you can use the below regular expression code:


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