Admob Android Advertising Doesn't work or Does it? failed to instanstiate

Recent research have shown that the admob sdk doesn't work on Android with Eclipse by displaying the failed to instanstiate error. Fortunately this error doesn't affect the running of the code and the code often runs on the emulator.

Searching through google shows many unanswered thread relating to this thread. It is shocking why admob will allow users go through the lengthy procedure of learning how there product works when the end result is frustrating without highlighting this bug in there product.

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A-Level ICT Syllabus

A-Levels Syllabus The A Level course is made up of 4 units.   Units 1 and 3 are written examinations and are each worth 30% of the A Level.   Units 2 and 4 are coursework tasks and are each worth 20% of the A Level.  AS UnitsUnit 1: Information, Systems and Applications-          Data, information, knowledge and processing-          Software and hardware components of an information system-          Characteristics of standard applications software and application areas-          Spreadsheet concepts-          Relational database concepts-          Applicat


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