Android Training Course Outline


Android Programming Course Contents

Introduction Android App Development

  • Introducing the Android
  • History of Android
  • Different Versions of Android
  • What is the role of Java
  • Eclipse IDE as a development tool
  • Android Market
  • What is SDK
  • Install SDK
  • Native Libraries
  • Dalvik

App Framework

  • Android Architecture
  • Activities
  • Intents
  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Services
  • Content Providers

Hello, World! Android App

  • Create Hello, World Application
  • Compile and Run Hello, World! Android App
  • Use app Emulator

Android App development IDE

  • Use Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA for building Android applications
  • ADT Plugin for Eclipse
  • Debugging and editing using IDE
  • Dalvik Debug Monitoring

Android GUI, Lists and Adapters

  • How to create UI for applications
  • Using themes
  • Views
  • Buttons
  • Text view
  • List
  • Dialog views
  • Menu in Android Applications
  • GUI Adapters
  • Logging
  • Threading
  • Colour
  • Using the standard widgets
  • Preferences
  • File System
  • Manifest File

Localisation and Screen Resolution

  • Understanding localisation
  • Understanding Screen resolution
  • Creating apps that works with multiple layouts
  • Creating apps that works with multiple screen resolutions
  • Handling localisation and screen resolution changes

Database for Android App

  • SQLite
  • DbHelper
  • Opening database
  • Closing a database
  • execSQL
  • Cursor
  • SQLiteOpenHelper
  • SQL select
  • SQL insert
  • SQL update
  • SQL delete

Graphics & Animation

  • User of graphics in app
  • How to use images
  • Android graphic routines
  • Draw bitmap
  • How to make animation in Apps
  • Canvas Drawing

Broadcast Receivers

  • what are broadcast receivers
  • Network receiver
  • Boot receiver
  • Broadcast intent

System Services

  • Location Service
  • Intent services
  • custom services
  • service class
  • Start a service
  • run a service
  • Stop a service

Integration with APIs

  • Openweather map

Publishing your app on the Android Market

  • How to publish an app?
  • What to consider before submitting app
  • Preparing for Release
  • Application licensing
  • Signing and publishing apps
  • Versioning Your Applications

Project in Android App Development

Project - Build a complete Android application:

Build a complete real world Android application from start to finish, in class with an experienced developer as mentor.

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