3 Important Reasons why you should never register on any site using Facebook, Gmail, or any account. Simply create a new account on the site

You might have seen on many websites a feature to register on the site using third party website details such as your facebook, twitter, or gmail. I find this functionality very useful until experience showed me that the negatives supersedes the advantage of this feature. This article will highlight the known positives and as well tell you the dangers of this feature.
Advantages of Registering with Third party Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Others

Apple at it Again...Cheap Phone or Not???

Apple will never make a cheap iPhone, chief executive Tim Cook said in an interview just before his company unveiled a new lower-cost iPhone.

"We’re not in the junk business..." Cook told Bloomberg Businessweek's Sam Grobart in an interview. "I’m not going to lose sleep over that other market, because it’s just not who we are. "


New Android App Available for Free (DIARY APP)

Download our new ST Diary on Android for free.

This apps allows you to take notes, prioritise memo, search phone book, and as well set Alarm.

Add Icon to your Website called Favicon to display on Address bar

Have you ever wondered how icons are displayed next to the name of the website you visit on the address bar e.g. gmail website. This icon are called favicon. A favicon is a graphic image associated with a particular Webpage and/or Website.  Now the question comes, how to add a favicon to my website/webpage? To begin with, you will need a small icon that you wish to set as the ‘FavIcon’. It should be 16×16 in size. Once you have the icon ready, rename it to favicon.ico. To display this icon, you can either

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