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PHP case sensitivity

I’ve always found the case sensitivity rules in PHP a little mysterious, and also a little hard to find definitive information on. So, for reference sake here they are. Tests based on PHP 5.3 running on Wamp Server:

Case sensitive (both user defined and PHP defined)

  • variables
  • constants
  • array keys
  • class properties
  • class constants

Case insensitive (both user defined and PHP defined)

12 WordPress Useful Admin Bar Plugins

1. Custom Admin Bar (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Of course there’s no better place to start this list than with WPMUDev’s own FREE Custom Admin Bar. This plugin lets you add a logo, text, and links. Simple interface, and of course, even though it’s free, you know that you’ll always get great support and faster than lightening updates.


2. WP Admin Bar New Tab PP (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Deeplink Allow Other Apps to Open your app

If your app can perform an action that might be useful to another app, your app should be prepared to respond to action requests from other apps. For instance, if you build a social app that can share messages or photos with the user’s friends...READ MORE

Writing Unsafe code using C#

In unsafe code or in other words unmanaged code it is possible to declare and use pointers. But the question is why do we write unmanaged code? If we want to write code that interfaces with the operating system, or want to access memory mapped device or want to implement a time critical algorithm then the use of pointer can give lots of advantages. READ MORE


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