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Creating DotnetNuke Module Visual Studio 2010 and Fixing bugs not answered on Google

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Lately I tried creating module extensions in dotnetnuke using codeplex templates by Chris Hammond and I experience a lot of issues. Checking google I noticed many people experienced same issues and bugs with no answer. This article tends to take you through the steps of doing this.

I advise you watch the tutorial video by Chris Hammond below. This article only tries to solve the problems experienced while implementing the steps in the video.

Get Saved Wireless Network Key in Windows (Manage Wireless Network)

Did you forget the key to your wireless network connection?

Not to worry, just follow the steps below
Click Run->cmd

Type netsh wlan show profiles name=[profile name] key=clear as below

Other Command To Use
To see stored wireless profiles, type:

netsh wlan show profiles

Free Bible Api for Websites and Mobile

Bible is Kings James Version

Our bible api displays in plain text. It contains carefully written code to display bible passage results based on query string.

API:   http://solutiontrain.com/bible/passage.php?query=[YourPassage]&chapternu...

NOTE: Query and chapternumber must be supplied while versenumber is optional

Example queries:

Check out the new Bible app for android phones

This bible app was created with a goal to make it easy and faster to navigate bible chapters. This is an app created for everyone. Read the Bible and enjoy the features.

Features Include:
1) Search Tool for Bible chapters and verses
2) Increase and Decrease Font size
3) Saving Notes
4) Edit Note
5) Delete Note
6) Search Tool for Notes

Download new Android App "ST Weather Alarm" at Google Play Store

Download the new Weather Alarm for free at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.solutiontrain.weatheralarm.
A weather alarm app that tells notifies you of the weather once a day based on the time you set (Default time is 8am).


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