3 Important Reasons why you should never register on any site using Facebook, Gmail, or any account. Simply create a new account on the site


You might have seen on many websites a feature to register on the site using third party website details such as your facebook, twitter, or gmail. I find this functionality very useful until experience showed me that the negatives supersedes the advantage of this feature. This article will highlight the known positives and as well tell you the dangers of this feature.
Advantages of Registering with Third party Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Others

  1. It makes the registration process fast: This is the only one advantage that makes sense and nothing can beat that
  2. It makes it easy to populate or transfer your profile data to the new site

 Disadvantages of Registering with Third party Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Others

  1. Deleting your main account can create HELL:  I once registered on a website using my gmail account, after some years I decided to delete my gmail account for personal reasons and keep to one email forgetting I had used this account for this. Some weeks later I tried login into site and that was when I realised what happened. I tried retrieving my gmail account and anyone who had experience of doing this will tell you how unhelpful and complicated this process is. Trying to solve this problem took me weeks and I thought to myself "WHY THE F**K DID I GIVE AUTHORISATION OF A NEW ACCOUNT TO GMAIL WHEN I COULD SIMPLY CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT". And if I forgot my password, the new website will send it to my email address easily.
  2. PRIVACY: It is quite amazing how so many internet users do not know that the new website would have access to many data they already possess on facebook, twitter, or gmail. If you do not want to pass your facebook data to the new site, then STOP AND DO NOT REGISTER WITH FACEBOOK. Create a new account on the site (this can't take you more than a few minutes???).
  3. SECURITY: We all heard about the attacks on facebook and twitter on many occasions in the past where an hacker gained access into the accounts of some users. The victim might be you and imagine the effect of this. Supposing the new site is a shopping site with your credit card details, then you and I know what can happen.

I learnt my lesson registering with other third party sites and I do hope you learn from me.

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