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How to Enable USB Debugging on Samsung 3 and 4 phones

Android developers often require USB debugging, this is a way to run an android application on a phone. Problems often exist with samsung phones (3 and above) because the developer options is not visible and you will have to enable the build options to enable usb debugging...[more]

Student achieved C grade in GCSE Maths

Congrats Etienne on achieving a C grade in your previous GCSE maths exam


Tutor Olu says "Etienne is improving and I hope this will give him more confidence in the future"

Student achieved A grade in GCSE Maths

Congrats Richard on achieving A grade in your GCSE Maths.


Tutor Olu says "Richard has shown that hard work  and dedication to study really yields positive rewards...Congrats".

Word of the Day

Even though I know not all and each word in the book makes no sense, I will read each sentence over and over again until each word gives meaning....."Olu Akins"


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