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Hey guys, do you think Microsoft's hololens is great?

54% (310 votes)
37% (210 votes)
Not sure
9% (50 votes)
Total votes: 570

Can IT solve all problems?

48% (1998 votes)
52% (2191 votes)
I don't know
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 4189

Hecky's Project ASP.NET Solution


  • company drivers are checking their duty schedule from garage depot notice board
  • company drivers are liaising through Senior Garage Administrator (SGA) who can only deal with one person at a time to address their work related issues (communication)
  • The administration has one operational manager who deal with day to day operations and manage all departments

Do you think we offer the lowest course fees?

Yes - you offer the lowest price in Uk
95% (10001 votes)
No - I have seen lower prices
5% (500 votes)
Total votes: 10501

PHP case sensitivity

I’ve always found the case sensitivity rules in PHP a little mysterious, and also a little hard to find definitive information on. So, for reference sake here they are. Tests based on PHP 5.3 running on Wamp Server:

Case sensitive (both user defined and PHP defined)

  • variables
  • constants
  • array keys
  • class properties
  • class constants

Case insensitive (both user defined and PHP defined)


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