• In addition to this, we have a lot of professionals in different subject areas that are available to help and assist you in your school and/or professional work. 

    We can help you develop your website on any platform you desire. Professional Courses are also available to companies and private individuals on advanced topics in JAVA, C#, PHP,  ASP.NET etc at affordable prices. 


  • Solution Train is a training provider that helps students and delegates gain new skills, become an expert in chosen field, and assist in exams and/or university projects.

    Our aim is to help, assist, and motivate while also creating innovative products that can help people in many ways possible.

  • Solution Train is here to promote and impact knowledge. Sign up and register to gain access to ask questions, write articles, and speak privately to like minds.


New Android Apps Available For Free

Take the opportunity to download my latest Apps now before I sell on google play:
Drawing App
An exciting new app that allows free drawing with all you ever need to draw without restrictions, undo, redo, erase, change background colour, change font colour, change pen weight, change pen thickness, save drawings, load drawings, and many colours to choose from. Lowest Android version compatibility is SDK version 3.0.

Learn how to develop Android Apps in 7 days

Register with Tutorhire and learn how to develop android apps.


From newbie to professional


A-Level ICT Syllabus

A-Levels Syllabus The A Level course is made up of 4 units.   Units 1 and 3 are written examinations and are each worth 30% of the A Level.   Units 2 and 4 are coursework tasks and are each worth 20% of the A Level.  AS UnitsUnit 1: Information, Systems and Applications-          Data, information, knowledge and processing-          Software and hardware components of an information system-          Characteristics of standard applications software and application areas-          Spreadsheet concepts-     

How To Write a Personal Statement (for UCAS)

What is a personal statement?
A personal statement is a statement about YOU.

The UCAS personal statement is a 47 line (or 4000 character) piece of writing that allows you to tell the universities and colleges you are applying to why they should offer you a place on the course.

In order to do this successfully, you need to convey your passion and enthusiasm for the subject to the admissions tutors, as well as demonstrate your suitability to the course.

Goodnews....Solution Train Tutors have space to take new students

Solution Train Tutors are now able to assist new tutees for private lessons for the coming term.

Please contact us to book a lesson session as soon as possible.

Last term, 90% students of tutorhire passed with high grades, the next student with a successful result could be you. Contact now.


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