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I'm a software developer and a software trainer with over 15 years experience in the IT industry. I am an expert in JAVA, C#, PHP, and many website frameworks. Please follow me to know more about me.


What motivates me to write?

Ever come across a solution to your problem and you think you just solved it only to find out that the piece of code you copied doesn't work or after copying the code over you never learnt anything nor understood how it worked?angry My motivation is driven by the problem I have faced and been able to explain it easily to someone that does not understand it. Most of the articles I write are easy to read and understand and I tend to define most abstract concepts in an easy way.

If I can make one more person become an expert in any of the programming languages I write on, I feel I have achieved more than I will in a decade working for a wealthy owner in one island...lolenlightened



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